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Another Summer Movie Day
Horay! I like movies.
Last post we covered a quick vignette tool in the Lens Corrections section. Today we dive in to even more you can do with vignetting.
Which One Which One
Want more options for your vignettes? Close Lens Corrections and go down to Effects. Click on the arrow next to Effectsto bring up Post-Crop Vignetting. Chose High Priority, Color Priority or Paint Overlay. Each of these will give your image a different type of vignette.

Getting In To It
Now use the slider to determine the Amountof white or black to apply to the edge of your image. Change the Midpoint for vignette thickness. Roundness determines how wide or narrow the shape of your vignette will be. Featherchanges smoothness or abruptness of the edge of the vignette. You can also add Highlights or shadows within the vignette section of your image.
Lightroom / Develop Module / Effects / Post-Crop Vignetting Tool
Another Wow
As you can see, Lightroom's vignetting options are extensive. How will you use vignetting for your images?
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