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Hold Up! We missed something last time!
Tools under the Histogram
In Post 15 we covered the Histogram. Then we skipped over an odd looking section and kept going. Here is where we cover what all those thing-a-ma-bobs… (That phrase is probably extinct, which shows my age -or my nerdy-ness.) …are and what they do.

Crop Overlay
When you click on Crop Overlay, the first tool on the left, a grid appears over your image. There are several different grids to choose from. Hit “O” over and over until you find the right one for you.
Some of the different grid options:

When you click on Crop Overlay, your tools look like this:

Want to crop your image? You are in the right place. With the Aspect tool, click and drag over the section you want to keep. Or, drag in a side or a corner. You can also click and drag to move the cropped area around.

If you need your image to be cropped to a particular standard or custom size, click on the arrows next to Original. Choose by inches or pixels, or create your own custom size.

Straighten Up!
If your image has a horizon that is uneven and you wan to straighten it, the Angle tool gets your image to exactly where you want it to be. Click and drag the slider next to the angle tool image, or click and drag on the actual image.

If you are having a hard time making the changes you want, check and make sure the lock is open. When unlocked, you can free-transform the image.

Constrain to Warp is a box you can check or un-check. When making adjustments to your image in the Develop module, sometimes a gray edge or two appears. Constrain to Warp makes sure the crop is automatically adjusted and assures the image is displayed from edge to edge. I recommend always checking this box.

Out, [email protected]*#ed Spot! (Dignified Shakespeare reference, of course)
The Spot Removal tool is a breeze. I can’t emphasize enough how much this little gem can clean up and fine-tune your image. With the Spot Removal tool selected, click on the spot on your image that you want to change. You’ll notice two linked areas show up, one over your spot and the other over a different area on your image that you want to mirror. Click and drag that second selection until it is just where you want it. Fixed. Just like that. More spots? Bring ‘em on!

Red Eye Correction
Correcting that uncomfortable red reflected light in eyes is done exactly to your liking here. With Red Eye Correctionselected, click and drag from the center of the pupil outward to the edge of the eye. Adjust Pupil size and Darken (or lighten as needed), then click Done.

…And we have just started. Next time we continue on to Graduated Filters, Radial Filtersand your Adjustment Brush.
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