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Ready For A Good Time?

That is, with Lightroom, of course. Let's test what the Manual section of Lightroom's Lens Corrections does. In the Lightroom Develop Module, open the Lens Correctionoptions by clicking on the arrow to the right, then select the Manual tab. Here you see Transform with these options underneath, accompanied by sliders:
Distortion, Vertical, Horizontal, Rotate, Scale, and Aspect

Here is what they do:
- Distortion



+ Vertical

- Horizontal

+ Horizontal

- Rotate

+ Rotate

- Scale

+ Scale

- Aspect

+ Aspect

 Crop & Chop

Under your Lightroom Transform options, you will see a box next to Constrain Crop. If you are left with white space around the edges after your desired manual corrections have been made, click this box. Your image will be cropped to eliminate that unwanted white space.

Under Constrain Crop is a little section for Lens Vignetting. We will cover this next time, because they go hand in hand.
Now, I had a blast playing with this. You? And I actually get to use this for work. Score!


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