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Setting the Tone
The Tone Curve tool controls ranges of actual tones in the image. It may look complicated, but it is pretty simple to use. This azalea image needs after-capture adjustments we can take care of with Lightroom Tone Curves.

Math? Well, a Graph
The graph represents all tones in your image. The bottom axis shows shadows, midtones and highlights. The y-axis shows darks to brights.

The tones in your particular image will be shown subtly on the graph (highlighted in blue-green here).
Tones get darker as you move towards the bottom of the graph, and lighter as you move towards the top.
Making the Move

The Tone Curve tool can be adjusted by clicking on the actual graph and dragging, or by moving the sliders underneath the graph.  Which of the tones do you want to adjust? Choose from Highlights, Lights, Darks and Shadows. If you are making adjustments on the graph, the area you click in before you drag determines which of these you are changing.
Being General or Getting Pointed
Lightroom has two different curves you can change, the general curve and Point Curve. The general curve is the graph and sliders we have been working on. General Tonal adjustments to the sliders in Highlights, Lights, Darks and Shadows gives you more control. Lightroom’s general tone curve controls are also set up to keep changes smooth, so you don’t distort your image too much. At the bottom of the tone curve section is Point Curve. Click on the arrows to the right, and choose from 3 options, Linear, Medium Contrast, and Strong Contrast to see different instant adjustments to your image. Using Point Curve is the quickest and easiest tonal adjustment. 

Fine Tuned Tones
Whether making fine-tuned adjustments or a quick Point Curve selection, whatever your preference for changes to the tones in your image, you can make them with the Tone Curve tool in Lightroom. 
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