Above: Then, using a subminiature camera
Below: Now, mini digital cameras

The subminiature was reinvented into digital form, mimicking some of the classic (normal size) cameras. These cameras are super small, shown in relation to a AA battery, and will fit easily into a pocket. They're cute and they work, but are usually purchased more for collecting purposes than for use.

Above: Rollei Rolleiflex mini digital 5 megapixel camera, takes a CR2 battery and a mini SD memory card. Not all the controls work like a typical Rollei, some are just for looks, but the viewfinder does pop up to reveal the LCD screen. Sold, EX+, $235.
Above: Minox digital Leica M3, 1.3 megapixel with CD, cable, instruction book, display case. No memory card needed, has internal memory storage. LCD inoperative. In stock, EX, $45.