The Minox 35 EL is a 35mm miniature viewfinder camera produced by Minox in 1974.  It was first introduced at Photokina, the world's largest photographic and imaging fair.  Although known for their subminiature cameras such as the Minox B, the German based company produced a series of 35mm cameras as well.  The Minox 35 EL was the first in a range of miniature, full frame 35mm cameras made by Minox.  At the time of its release, the Minox 35 EL was the world's smallest full frame 35mm camera.  It became a popular consumer camera, as it was an affordable alternative to the more expensive Minox B.  According to the instruction manual, the Minox 35 EL is "so featherlight, it can be your constant companion everywhere." 

The Minox 35 EL features a 35mm f2.8 Color Minotar lens with a focus range of 90 cm to infinity.  The lens is retractable and protected by a folding cover when not in use.  When closed, the camera is 10x6x3 cm in size.  The flat design allows the camera to fit easily into a shirt pocket, and the compact construction makes it lightweight and portable.  One of the distinguishing features of the 35 EL is the easily identifiable red shutter release button.  The Minox 35 EL also features an electronic shutter for automatic exposure control, and the camera is powered by a small 5.6V battery in a compartment above the lens by the viewfinder.  The small size, lens quality and the ability to use 35mm film made the Minox 35 EL a great option for document duplication and covert photography during the spy camera era.  It is a neat find for vintage camera collectors and lovers today as well.            

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