The DC-1011 Carat is a compact digital point and shoot camera produced by Minox.  It was Minox's goal to create a unique lifestyle camera for shooters looking for something outside the normal digital camera market.  The result was a digital device coated with a 24 carat gold plated outer finish, hence the name "Carat" for this particular camera  In addition to the golden finish, ten genuine diamonds adorn the lens.  Each round diamond is approximately 2mm in diameter with a carat weight of .03, allowing this gadget to be as much a piece of jewelry as it is a camera.  

Beyond its golden exterior, this 10.1 mega pixel camera features a 3.0x optical zoom, integrated image stabilization and a 2.5 inch color display.  It also has a Minoctar auto focus lens, an internal memory of 32 MB and video recording capabilities.  Each camera was hand finished in production, giving it the special attention of a luxury item.  The Carat also comes with an elegant wooden display case to safely store this bejeweled golden treasure when not in use.  In this instance, all that glitters really is gold with this unique camera.         

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