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Featured Items of the Week:  
For the month of May, we posted a "Product of The Day" on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. These may just be great used items that we love, or items that have been recently marked down. On Fridays, we have been posting a roundup of the items we've posted that week in a "Featured Items of The Week" post right here on the blog for those who may have missed them daily. 

Monday- 10 F1.8 Schneider Cinegon C-mount Lens w/ caps (movie lens) (EX)

Tuesday- A.Gordon Director's Viewfinder Mark IV (16/35mm) w/ strap, case (BGN)

Wednesday- Graflex RB Series B 2x3 w/ 127 F4.5 Ektar Lens, Graflex 8 exp. Roll Back (LF collectible) (BGN)

Thursday- Minolta Spotmeter M Light Meter (ambient) w/ case (EX)

Friday- 35mm Bulk Film Loader with Counter (Watson 100) (EX)