The 35Ti is a compact 35mm point and shoot camera that was introduced by Nikon in 1993.  The camera's name is derived from "35" and "Ti" because of the focal length of the lens and titanium casing of the body.  The 35Ti was built to last with its lightweight, rugged titanium construction and anti-corrosive coating.        

The camera features a quartz date function, and a 35mm f2.8 Nikkor lens.  The lens is comprised of 6 elements in 4 groups, and Nikon's integrated optical coating was applied to all elements.  The coated lens offers superior contrast, clarity and color.  The lens is controlled by an infrared auto focus system, or it can be controlled manually.  The camera also has a built-in electronic flash, and offers the option of taking cropped panoramic images.         

The window on the top of the camera has a watch-like appearance, and features four analog displays.  The display has value indicators for exposure number, aperture, distance and under/over exposure compensation.  The camera also has a focusing distance of 0.4m to infinity, and 3D matrix metering with a 6 segment matrix sensor.  The exceptional optical quality, practical focal length and classic design allow the Nikon 35Ti to enjoy a collectible status today.     

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