The Nikon Coolpix 995 is certainly not a new camera model, but maintains a place in digital camera history. It was released in 2001 and is a mere 3.34 megapixels. It was however, regarded as one of the the best digital cameras in its price range during the camera's manufacturing time frame. But what is so special about them now? The design of these cameras has made them a top choice for... coin photography! The swivel style body allows you to rotate the lens and LCD screen separate from each other, which provides comfortable viewing  in a range of shooting positions. The swivel design also allowed a larger lens to be fit into the camera with a wide telephoto range and notable macro capabilities. These cameras were also a top choice for attaching to microscopes and telescopes.

The 995 has all of the typical shooting modes including Auto, Manual, Aperture Priority, and Shutter Priority, and includes a pop-up flash. When these cameras were released, they ran around $600! Currently, you can pick one up for under $50. Find them in-stock at