We are pleased to announce the winner of the Reddit Photography Best of 2013 Competition! Congratulations to Tristan Edsall!  We hope you enjoy your $200 KEH Camera gift certificate!

© Tristan Edsall

Behind the Image:
"This photo was taken in Kolmanskop, a ghost town that was once the centre of diamond mining (or rather scouring - the diamonds sit in the desert sands) in southern Namibia. The door is the side entrance to the old hospital, which like most of the other buildings in the area is slowly being buried by sand dunes moving across the town. I didn't give much thought to this shot when I took it, but rather concentrated on taking thousands of photos of doorways in the residential section, but upon editing this one stood out as my favourite of the day. Camera was a Panasonic GX1 with the pana 14mm 2.5, 3 exposure HDR (handheld!) and put together in HDRefex."

Congratulations, Tristan, and a huge thank you to everyone that participated!