This week's photo of the week goes to Reid Northrup.

After carefully making his way down a rocky hill on a cloudy day while out exploring in Saluda, North Carolina, Northrup arrived at Little Bradley Falls. Using a Nikon D810 with a five second exposure, he managed to blur the movement of the falls, capturing the beauty of the landscape in the early morning hours.

Why we love it

We don’t ever get tired of a good waterfall photo.The lighting is spot on, and you really get a sense of  the movement of the water captured within the image. In fact, it makes us wish we were there right now. This photo instills a sense of exploration and we encourage you to go out and document your own adventures (and share them with us, of course!)

P.S. Make sure to look for a steady surface to set the camera on or have tripod handy when taking long exposures like this to prevent camera shake.


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