Shot with the Tamron 150-600mm F/5-6.3 SP DI VC USD (011) and the Canon 7D Mark II

This is a wonderful lens. I made the choice to use this lens for shooting the blood moon because of its optics and telephoto ability.  I chose the Canon 7D Mark II due to its high-end crop sensor camera that will magnify the lens even more. This combination made the maximum zoom 960mm.

To get a good clear shot of the moon you have to meter on the moon first and set your exposure on the light of the moon. I recommend that you set the shutter speed to at least 1/100 of a sec and your ISO between 200-800. The higher the shutter speed the better. Before the eclipse began this was very easy to achieve, but once the eclipse started this became much more difficult to maintain without increasing the ISO quite a lot. Unfortunately, the slower speeds when shooting the moon can cause blur due to the movement of the earth. Fortunately, this was not visible in the images that I captured of the blood moon. The clarity of the Tamron lens was great; however ,the high maximum aperture on the long end of this lens made it very challenging to capture the blood moon without digital noise in the images.

Shutter speed of 1/40, Aperture of 6.3, ISO of 6400 Zoom length of 600mm.

This image was shot with a Shutter speed of 1/500, aperture of 6.3, ISO of 640 and Zoom length of 600mm

-  Sales Agent, KEH Camera, Jena Dawson-Blackshear