Whether you're interested in getting more involved in photography, learning more, networking with other photographers, receiving feedback, going on shooting field trips, or sharing your knowledge with other photographers, a meet-up group may be just the thing you were looking for.

If you're not super connected, don't have good Internet research skills, or are new to an area, the site http://photo.meetup.com/ makes it super simple to find a group with similar interests near you. They have listings for over 1,000 groups in 22 countries.

You will first select your country, then zip code/postcode/Province/City. The listings will tell you: the name, a short summary of what the group is about, covered topics, location, distance from you, number of members, and a rating.

Groups range from tiny informal clubs to large well-known photo societies. Most of them are open to anyone- both pro photographer and amateur/hobby photographers. It doesn't cover every group or society, but it's a great place to start looking for the right match for you.

Keep this is mind: Networking is a huge part of our industry and a good photographer never stops learning!