Since February is "the month of love" and we love photography, we'll be posting more featured photos this month! Instead of a "Photos of the Month", we'll be doing a "Photos of the Week" all month long. 

All images were submitted to and chosen from the KEH Camera Flickr Group pool (join our group!). To view a photographers profile, click on the image to be directed to their Flickr page.

Sulwald im Nebel
Sulwald im Nebel, by Manfred Schroder
Shake Shack, NYC, 8x10 Kodak Tri-X 320
Shake Shack, NYC, by Shawn Hoke
Antietam Battlefield, by Wanda Mounts

Keck on Mauna Kea
Keck on Mauna Kea, by SnowJiang

I lead a charmed life...
I lead a charmed life, by Little Pink Weeble

Marblehead, by Dan Squires
nichols and beal.
Nichols and Beal, by Cara

Untitled, by Terrini

Untitled, by DhkZ

Morning Glow
Morning Glow, by Paul Vecsei
Coquina Twilight
Coquina Twilight, by John Cothron
Sun up over North Georgia
Sun up over North Georgia, by John