The Polaroid Automatic 104 is part of a group of Polaroid cameras from the 100-400 line.  It was produced from 1965-1967, and was one of the earlier consumer models of folding packfilm Land Cameras from the 100-400 series.  It was given the nickname "Electric Eye" because of the external lightmeter beside the lens.  The Polaroid Automatic 104 has a two element plastic lens, as well as a plastic body and shutter housing.  The plastic construction allows for a much lighter camera than some of the older Polaroid models.  It was also Polaroid's goal to offer a more simplified model camera so it could be affordable for every household.       

The camera features a folding bellows and auto exposure.  The camera does not have a typical rangefinder viewfinder with a double image.  Instead of being a true rangefinder, this particular model has a simplified "image sizer" that is used as a focusing aid for portrait shots.  There are two horizontal lines in the viewfinder, and one remains stationary while the other shifts up and down as the camera is focused.  This allows the shooter to adjust the focus so the subject's head fits between the two lines, thus resulting in a properly composed image.  The Polaroid Automatic 104 uses a 532 3V battery, and 100 series packfilm (FujiFilm's FP-100C is readily available today).  Another neat vintage find!       

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