Congratulations to our Top Pic of the Week, Quincy Collins! Quincy takes his cameras around Chicago to capture portraits of the city's beautiful people.  Read on to learn more about the production of these photos!


My photography journey began 5 years ago with an iPhone 4 and a point and shoot Nikon camera. I spent most of my free time roaming downtown Chicago shooting random subjects; some days walking up to 10 miles. My uncle passed away 3 years ago and I kept his Nikon N90s which is a film camera. I knew nothing about the manual settings on the camera and spent my first week learning how it worked. I used 4 rolls during my first week of shooting with it and all of my photos were overexposed badly. Wasn’t the greatest feeling spending $40 to get my pictures developed and none of them were usable. At that point I knew I had to get a DSLR camera. I bought a Nikon D5500 with a 18-55mm lens and later bought a 55-300mm lens.

I would describe myself as a lifestyle photographer. I love photographing people when they give me natural energy because the photos can show so much character. My advice to other photographers on finding their style would be to shoot as much as possible and shoot a wide range of subjects  and take advantage of software like Photoshop and Lightroom.

My tips for shooting portraits are making sure my subject is comfortable. Sometimes I might play music or ask my subject to bring a friend. This helps create a good shooting environment for myself and my subject. When doing street style photography I always consider what direction the sunlight is coming from and I shoot for shadows and isolation.

I get some of my inspiration from great photographers here in Chicago like Jason Peterson, Nolis Anderson and Shaun Andru. Most of my favorite photos are from me taking random shots of people with little to no preparation or thought. Shooting like this forces me to be creative, take advantage of my surroundings and make the best use of the gear I have.

Sony A7SII 28-70mm

This is a random photo from a wedding I shot. Saw this guy walking towards me and thought his hat was cool. I pulled my camera up to take an off guard photo and he looked right at me.

Canon EOS 7D 28-135mm

Picture of Chicago rapper ‘L Gado. This is from a series of photos with the theme being Nino Brown, the main character played by Wesley Snipes from the movie New Jack City.

Nikon D5500 28-55mm

Picture of Chicago rapper S7eaze. I had just left out of a nearby Dollar General and I walked to my car I noticed this brick wall that was bouncing sun. Asked the artist if he wanted to do a quick shoot and he was ready in 15 minutes.

Sony A7SII 28-70mm

This photo is from a series for a small business that sells sunglasses. This photo was taken on a bridges in Chicago near the lakefront. I believe it was the month of December at 6 am and it had to be zero degrees this morning with high winds.


Thank you, Quincy, for allowing us to share these photos! Check out more of his work on YouTube and on Instagram   and Twitter.

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