A couple of weeks ago I went over how our checking and grading system works. If you read all the way through it, you understand that by purchasing used equipment you are taking a chance. While we make every effort to make sure that chance is very small, there is still a small chance that can not be completely eliminated.

Well today, I want to point out some good reasons and circumstances to purchase used gear instead of new....

*The most obvious is that you save money on the cost of the equipment. The comparison could be made to buying a car. As soon as you drive it off the lot, value is lost. The moment the new camera equipment is purchased new, value is lost. Many customers think they should buy new to get the manufacturer's warranty, but in many cases you can buy a used item with our optional Mack "2 Year Warranty" (which in most cases is longer than the manufacturer warranty) and still save money.

*Question: Won't used equipment have a higher defective rate than new equipment? That seems like a very logical assessment. The facts may surprise you though. The average defective rate for New, out of the box, defective, straight from the manufacture (Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Pentax, etc) is 2 percent. KEH's reports show that of everything we sell, only 1.7 percent returns are due to defect issues.

*Some equipment is no longer available as new. For those of you who are camera enthusiasts, some of your favorite items can no longer be found new and can only be purchased used. The fortunate thing about buying used from KEH is we are continually buying used gear from all over the world. Many items that we sell, can only be found at KEH and rarely anywhere else. This includes everything that is not being produced anymore including vintage and collectible cameras and equipment.

*When purchasing used, you don't have to wait for the item to go through a "testing period". By the time we sell it, most of the modifications and firmware updates have been made to the equipment already. If not, that is usually done by our repair department before being put on the shelf to sell.

*It's a better and cheaper way to learn and experiment with new formats and equipment. It's better to purchase one of these items used and find out you may not like shooting with it instead of buying brand new and finding out you don't like it, or don't end up using it often. You have less invested and if budget is an issue, then you're also able to get more stuff for your buck.

*Buying (old) used equipment has a history to each piece and is exciting.

*It's great for backup gear (second set of equipment), using for experimental techniques that could be risky to the equipment, and shooting in harsh conditions.

*Sometimes you can find unique modifications that have already been made to an item such as a specialty leather or grip installed. It saves you time and money, and may provide you with a one of a kind piece!