We're a week into our big tournament and the action has been fierce. Forty iconic cameras started the journey to glory and now only 24 remain.

Here's what our bracket looks like after the first sixteen matches:

KEH Camera March Madness Halfway Point

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Let's get to the highlights.

The play-in games kicked the tournament off and involved our "last ones in" group of cameras. Here are the hard-fought results:

Linhoff Super Technica V (25) Vs. Zenit S (40)

Winner: Linhoff Super Technica V (70% of the vote)

The Zenit was the last camera on our rankings and it put up a valiant effort, but the Linhoff Super Technica V proved too strong in the end.

Chinon Genesis (28) Vs. Argus C3 (37)

Winner: Argus C3 (79% of the vote)

The Chinon Genesis thought it had it easy when it drew the lesser-ranked Argus C3, but the advanced bridge camera ended up losing to the simple but rugged rangefinder in the first upset of the tournament.

Horseman 450 (26) Vs. Miranda Sensorex II (39)

Winner: Horseman 450 (59% of the vote)

No surprises here, as the monorail camera rolled over the competition, just as expected by our experts.

Voigtlander Bessa I (27) Vs. Busch Pressman Model D (38)

Winner: Voigtlander Bessa I (66% of the vote)

It's hard to top a name like Voigtlander, and sure enough, the Busch Pressman had no chance in this head-to-head.

Kine Exacta 1 (32) Vs. Arca Swiss 2x3 F-line (33)

Winner: Kine Exacta 1 (50.4% of the vote)

This matchup was a tough one and the game went to the last second, but in the end, the Kine Exacta pulled off a win with only a handful of votes to make up the difference. Tough loss for the Arca Swiss, but it played a good game.

Holga 120S (29) Vs. Agfa-Ansco Viking (36)

Winner: Holga 120S (51% of the vote)

In another squeaker, the plastic/fantastic Holga came out on top right at the buzzer. Another reminder that if you vote like it matters, then it will.

Panon Widelux F7 (31) Vs. Industria Scientifica Super Duplex 120 (34)

Winner: Panon Widelux F7 (76% of the vote)

No contest in this one—the Panon Widelux has the Super Duplex seeing double at the end of this match.

Noblex 135 (30) Vs. Deardorf 8x10 (35)

Winner: Deardorf 8x10 (74% of the vote)

The massive Deardorf stood its ground and sent the Noblex on an early vacation (hopefully somewhere nice and panoramic.)

And with those play-in matches settled, the first round is officially underway.

Here are the results so far, hot off the presses:

Bronica ETR (16) Vs. Minox C (17)

Winner: Bronica ETR (75% of the vote)

There's no fooling the Bronica—it absolutely decoded everything the Minox C was up to and sent the spy camera packing, winning 75% of the vote.

Rollei Rolleiflex Automat (15) Vs. Contax RTS (18)

Winner: Rollei Rolleiflex Automat (70% of the vote)

Medium format is the perfect combination of size and speed, and the Rolleiflex did quick work of the Contax RTS in this one.

Sinar P 4x5 (13) Vs. Topcon RE Super (20)

Winner: Sinar P 4x5 (66% of the vote)

The "P" is for "perfection" as the large format Sinar advances to the next round, easily defeating the Topcon.

Polaroid SX70 (14) Vs. Graflex Super D (19)

Winner: Polaroid SX70 (76% of the vote)

It was over in an instant, as the Polaroid took a big early lead and never looked back.

Zeiss Ikon Contax I (9) Vs. Fujifilm X-Pro 1 (24)

Winner: Zeiss Ikon Contax I (57% of the vote)

In this case, analog wins big over digital, as the Zeiss Ikon Contax I takes out the X-Pro 1 with a comfortable cushion.

Susse Freres Daguerreotype (10) Vs. Wista Field 45 (23)

Winner: Wista Field 45 (68% of the vote)

In a major upset, the classic Susse Freres was taken out by the Wista—and it wasn't even close. It put a nail in the coffin of the OG wooden camera without breaking a sweat.

Sony A7 (12) Vs. Yashica Electro 35 (21)

Winner: Sony A7 (52% of the vote)

The Yashica took a heartbreaking loss in this one, as it lost to one to the youngest cameras in the tournament. Fast glass was no match for fresh legs on this day.

Mamiya C220 (11) Vs. Konica C35 (22)

Winner: Mamiya C220 (87% of the vote)

The Konica tried to point-and-shoot its way to the top, but the medium format warrior played brilliantly on both ends of the court and won it in a landslide.

Hasselblad 500EL Data Camera (2) Vs. Horseman 450 (26)

Winner: Hasselblad 500EL Data Camera (71% of the vote)

Someone should've probably told the Horseman that it's impossible to go up against a Hasselblad that's been to the moon and back.

Leica IIIf (1) Vs. Linhof Super Technica V (25)

Winner: Leica IIIf (63% of the vote)

Our #1-ranked camera had a field day with the Linhof and proved its top standing on the court.

That's all the matches that have been played so far, but the tournament is just getting started.

Will there be a major upset in the top ranks? Will medium format continue its success? Can the Sony go the distance as the only digital camera left on the list?

Heck, Canon and Nikon just took to the court in their first respective matches, so anything can happen.

Tune in, pick a side and enjoy the rest of March Madness!