Getting crafty with plastic cameras can be fun, and the possibilities for customization are endless. The Diana World Tour is a traveling exhibition running 2010-2011 with stops in many countries around the world. Each tour includes an exhibition of customized Diana cameras by different artists and designers. Of course, people have been redesigning their Holgas and other cameras for awhile, but the Diana tour has really brought a whole new level of inspiration and fun to the practice.

diana world tour

Custom Diana (for the Diana World Tour), designed by: Cat Rabbit

Pimp my camera
DIY wood pattern Holga, designed by: Hildegunn

timrobot X LOMO - Custom Diana F+
timrobot X LOMO- Custom Diana F+
(for the Diana World Tour), Designed by: timrobot

There are many different types and brands of plastic cameras (both new and vintage), in addition to Dianas and Holgas. Why plastic cameras? Because they are inexpensive, toy like, low-tech, and fun.

Find a plastic camera at KEH to design and customize as your own...

I definitely want to go get crafty now, how about you?

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* Even Elsie Flannigan (artist and boutique owner) is getting on the plastic camera customization train by introducing limited edition hand painted Holgas in her shop.