The Revere Stereo 33 is a 35mm stereo rangefinder camera that was introduced in 1953.  It was manufactured in Chicago, IL by the Revere Camera Company.  In the 1950's, they were the second largest manufacturer of movie cameras behind Bell & Howell.  Although primarily known for producing cine equipment, the Revere Camera Company made a handful of still cameras as well. 

Stereo cameras are unique because they feature two lenses that expose two frames at the same time.  This process simulates human binocular vision, and creates a 3D image (a stereo viewer would be needed to view the 3D effect).  The Revere Stereo 33 camera features manual exposure settings and adjustable focus lenses.  It also has the ability to accept a flash and filters.  The Revere Stereo 33 is a sturdy camera made of aluminum, and would be a great addition to a vintage camera collection.  

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