What is Shutterlife?

Everyone's photography journey is different, but if there’s one thing all photographers have in common, it’s their love for camera gear! Shutterlife is a community where photographers can come together to share photos, equipment, and learn from each other. Maybe you’re struggling to find a local group where you can share your love for photography, well look no further—we are bringing the community to you!

Manage Your Camera Bag

One of the key features on Shutterlife is the ability to virtually share and manage your camera bag. Browse our giant catalog of cameras, lenses, and accessories and add them to your online camera bag. Maybe you’ve lost count of all the gear you’ve acquired? Keep it organized and track the details for items you own or hope to own in the future.

Manage Your Wishlist

Create your ultimate must-have wishlist! Keep track of gear you’ve had your eye on and select to receive notifications when it’s back in stock on KEH.com.

Discover Other Photographers

The community aspect is what makes Shutterlife so unique. Connect with other photographers creatively by checking out their camera bags and photographs. By keeping track of all your gear and photos, you’ll always remember the camera gear and settings used to capture each photo!

Share, Learn, Grow

Most pieces of equipment in our database are listed with a full description, so you can gain more knowledge about your favorite gear. You can also share your knowledge with other photographers in the “Questions and Tips” section of each item and start discussions with other photographers about gear.

Ultimately, Shutterlife allows you to share your photographic journey from your very first camera to your latest piece of gear and everything in between. Join our community to connect with a network of passionate photographers here.