Even if you don't have a studio set-up, you can still produce a great looking tabletop shot. Here, a few basic tricks to get the job done, at home and cheap.

The final shot.

For this shot, some pretty cookies are stacked up on a teacup saucer, and placed on a seamless backdrop of fabric. What you may not notice from this photo, is that the fabric is a regular small piece from a local fabric store, nothing fancy. The fabric is actually clamped with a couple of large binder clips onto the back of an office chair.

It was shot with an open aperture (small number F-stop) to let in more light, and to throw the fabric out of focus. It was placed near a window with natural light as the primary source of lighting. Also, a bounce flash was used (flash pointed up towards ceiling, thus being bounced back onto subject) to add a little extra light and eliminate any unwanted shadows.

Pulled away from the mini set.

Super simple, quick, easy, and cheap! You probably already have most of the things you would need at home!


1. Camera (w/manual, or AV settings)
2. External flash unit with bounce feature
3. Fabric or paper
4. Chair (or table and back prop)
5. Window with natural light