Whether you're shooting film or digital, consider having fun with one of these spooky effects this Halloween season:

* Use a hard directional light from below to cast ghoulish shadows. How: Use a flashlight, spotlight, or external flash unit with a slave or off-camera shoe cord.
* Use multiple exposures to give a ghostly feel. How: For film- take multiple shots on the same frame. For digital- layer images in your editing software. Note a few digital cameras do have a multi exposure option and can therefor be done in camera similar to the film process. Another way to achieve a similar effect is to have a long exposure in a dark setting and set off a strobe unit multiple times.
* Add some smoke for an eerie setting. How: Use a fog machine, dry ice, or Smoke EFX Drops.
* Shoot in low light. How: In darker settings (or low light) bump up your ISO, use a tripod, and/or open your aperture to let more light in.

* Add some texture and add to the creepy factor. How: See Create a Filter post. Shown above: baby powder.

* Create eye-popping 3D images. How:
1- Stand with your feet and body facing your subject. You will take two photo's (exposures should be the same).

2- For the first photo choose a side (left or right) and shift your body to that side and take the first photo.
3- For the second photo shift your weight to the other side and take the second photo. That is it!
TIP: Keep your feet in the same place and camera on the same plane/level for both shots. The only movement should be your body shifting from one side to the other. (4-6 inches between photographs will suffice)
4- Now use your preferred editing program to combine the pair of photos side by side. (I use a pre-made photoshop template now, but have also printed them out and mounted them side by side as well.)
5- Once they are combined into a side by side pair of pictures you are ready to view them.
6- How to view them? You need to be at arms length away from the photos or from the monitor. Look at the middle line and "Cross your eyes". The 3D photo will pop-up in the middle, no glasses required.
TIP: The best way to practice this tecnique is hold one finger up in front of you and try to make it become two by crossing your eyes.