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An Inside Peek

Since many of our customers have never seen our facility, here is a tiny peek inside KEH Camera:
KEH Camera Lobby
KEH Camera Warehouse

The KEH Camera Building

Another behind the scenes view of KEH Camera for our customers who have never seen our facility. In case you missed our first sneak peek, be sure to check it out HERE.

KEH Camera Front Door
Layout of KEH Camera Building

A Technician's Gear

Some tools and things our technicians see and use daily:
Drawers full of items such as test film, sync cords, batteries, tape measures, files, memory cards, film spools, lens & back openers, mini screw drivers, test filters and more.
Markers, brushes, screwdrivers, a penny, tweezers, a loop, scissors and a lens cloth.
More tools.
Glass cleaner and denatured alcohol.
Air Hose.
ZTS Tester to test shutter speeds.
Bookcases full of parts.
Test chargers.
Reference materials (many bookcases and file cabinets full).
Carts of equipment.

KEH Trading Phone Cards

We recently stumbled on a box of KEH "trading" phone cards. Come to find out, back in the mid 1990's we created these "Collectors Series" phone cards to give to customers so that they could call us and place orders since there was no free 1-800 number at the time. Six different cards were created including: The Rangefinder Collection: Leica IIIF, Contemporary Classics: Nikon F, The Subminiature Collection: Hit 16mm Subminiature, The Nostalgic Collection: Kodak Brownie Holiday Camera with Flash, The Antiques Collection: Rochester Optical Tele-Photo Cycle-Poco B, Exceptionally Rare: Zeiss Nettel Tropen.

In the Premier Issue (1996) of "The Classics Collection" catalog, we also offered them to customers to use how they like in exchange for feedback. There was a form included in the catalog where you could choose which card you wanted.

On the back of the cards, there is a sentence about each camera featured, and the phone card information.  This phone card was printed in a limited edition run of only 2,000.

There was also trivia information on the back.

- Built with the famed craftsmanship and attention to detail of Leica rangefinder cameras, the IIIF was the first Leica to include built-in flash sync.
- Built to withstand demanding use and backed by a full system of accessories, the Nikon F quickly became the favorite of photojournalists and is still widely used today.
- The classic of subminiature cameras, the Hit was usually ordered from ads on the back of comic books and was for many collectors their first camera.
- Marketed extensively for vacationing families, the classic styling from the 1950's makes this Kodak Brownie Holiday camera an attractive addition to any collection.
- Designed in the 1930's for use in the tropical jungle, the Zeiss Nettel Tropen is beautifully crafted from polished teak.
- African mahogany, Moroccan leather and ivory name plates show the quality and elegance of this turn-of-the-century jewel.

So now we're wondering, does anyone still have one of these?

Old Catalog Covers

We went digging to find a few of our old catalog covers and selected the ones below to share. (If you'd like to see any of them larger, just click on the image).

KEH 10th Anniversary (1979-1989)

Since it's almost summer, the funny baseball cover seems appropriate. 1992.


This one is not a cover, but an internal page that was too good not to share. 1987.

"The Classic Collection" Premier Issue Catalog, 1996.


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