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KEH Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Do you have a camera lover or photo enthusiast on your holiday shopping list?  If so, KEH Camera can help!  Whether they are a beginner or a more seasoned shooter, we have some great stocking stuffer ideas for the photographer in your life.
* Filters:  Their use ranges from practical to artistic, and they make great gifts!  A UV filter will reduce haze & protect the front lens element, while a polarizing filter will enrich color saturation.  For more artistic projects, experiment with a soft focus, neutral density or B&W filter.

Tiffen 55mm Circular Polarizer Filter

* Caps: Whether it's for the front or rear of a lens, or for a camera body, any photographer will appreciate a set of caps to protect their gear.  Caps will help to prevent scratches and dust, and aid in keeping camera equipment in top shape.

Contax Front Lens Caps

* Lens Hoods: A lens hood is another practical gift idea, and an asset to any photographer.  A lens hood will prevent light from hitting the sides of the lens, which could create unwanted flare.  It also serves as additional protection for the lens.

Canon EW-73B Lens Hood

* Memory Cards: A must have for the digital shooter.  A spare memory card is always handy!

Transcend 8 GB SD Card

* Batteries:  An extra battery is a valuable accessory to have on hand.  It can save a lot of heartache and trouble, and is definitely a thoughtful gift for a photographer.

Nikon EN-EL3a Battery

* Camera Straps: Another useful accessory that ranges from practical to fashionable.  They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles.  Above all, it safely holds your camera when you need to be hands free (or in the unfortunate situation that your camera slips from your hands).

Nikon Neck Strap

* Instruction Books: Manuals and instructions books are nice to have on hand for reference.  Plus, you might learn something about your gear that you didn't know!

Bronica RF645 Instruction Book

* Cases:  Every photographer can benefit from having accessories that allow them to safely protect or store their camera equipment.  A protective pouch for their lens, or a case for storing memory cards make unique stocking stuffer gifts.

Think Tank Lens Case

* Gift Certificates:  If you don't quite know what gear to buy for your photographer friend or relative, a KEH Camera gift certificate is always a good idea!  They are available for sale by phone with our sales department at (770) 333-4200.    

We hope these ideas help with your holiday shopping!

Colorful Cameras For Spring

Now that Spring is here, the flowers are blooming and there's no better time to enjoy the beautiful colors of the season.  If you're looking to add a vibrant touch to your photography gear, be sure to check out some of the colorful camera equipment available on the KEH Camera website.  Click on the name of the item underneath the image to go straight to the listing.  


Featured Items of the Month

Items selected from the KEH Camera website:

Items selected from the KEH Camera Outlet on eBay:

Zeiss Ikon Contarex Bullseye

The first Contarex, also know as the "Bullseye" or "Cyclops", is a 35mm SLR camera that debuted in 1958.  It was widely available to consumers between 1959-1960, and was produced until 1966.  The "Bullseye" name is derived from the distinctive selenium cell light meter located on the front of the camera.   The Contarex was manufactured by Zeiss Ikon to compete with the Leica rangefinders that dominated the professional 35mm camera industry at the time.

Zeiss Ikon was known for producing top quality cameras, and the Contarex Bullseye was no exception.  It features a rugged construction, and weighs approximately 2.6 lbs.  It is also mechanically complex with over 1,100 parts.  The Contarex it is a well built camera with impeccable attention to detail, and is a desirable piece for collectors.    

Click HERE to view the Contarex Bullseye on the KEH Camera Outlet on eBay.

Burke & James Orbit 4x5 Monorail

Burke & James Inc. was a Chicago, IL based camera dealer and manufacturer that operated between 1897-1981.  Burke & James specialized in view cameras, portrait cameras, fingerprint cameras, lenses and darkroom sinks.  The Orbit 4x5 Monorail is a type of large format view camera produced by Burke & James.   

The 1963 Burke & James Photographic Equipment and Instrumentation catalog available HERE (courtesy of Bonus Manuals) has a great vintage advertisement for the Orbit Monorail Camera.  The Orbit boasts features such as a construction of all metal with an "improved design" and corrosion resistance "for use in any climate", plus the eye catching red bellows make the camera an interesting part of photography history.          

Click HERE to view the Burke & James Orbit 4x5 monorail camera on the KEH Camera Outlet on eBay.


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