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Send Us Your Quality Photo Gear

Do you have photographic equipment in your closet or camera bag that you no longer need or use? If so, why not turn it into cash? We've created a hassle free way for you to sell your unwanted photographic equipment, and receive top dollar for your gear!

We've realized that many of our customers enjoy the convenience and simplicity of sending gear directly to us, rather than looking up values online or calling in to receive a quote. We are grateful for the trust you've placed in us to fairly evaluate your equipment, and we want to continue to serve you with our top market prices and stellar customer service. All you have to do is follow three simple steps, and we'll take care of the rest!

1. Safely pack your items (we suggest using smaller boxes with lots of padding).  In addition to your equipment, please include your contact information (name, address, email and phone number).

Click HERE to print a free FedEx shipping label.  Don't worry about providing a quote number, just select the package size, weight and a short description of what is included in the box.  Send your package to KEH Camera 4900 Highlands Parkway Smyrna, GA 30082.

2. Once we receive your package, we will evaluate your equipment and contact you with our best offer (please allow 7 to 10 business days).  If you already have a price in mind, feel free to include a note in the box, and we'll simply cut you a check.  If we can't meet your request, we will contact you.  If you would prefer us to make an offer, that's fine too! If you are not fully satisfied with our offer, we will return your gear free of charge.

3. Once you have approved our offer, we will mail a check to you.  It's that easy!

Brands We Need: Nikon, Canon, Contax, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica, Pentax, Sony and Leica.

Collectibles We Need: Alpa, Zeiss, Leica, Minox, Contax, Rolleiflex, Voigtlander, Nikon and Canon Rangefinder, panoramic cameras, stereo cameras, subminiature cameras, Kodak, Zeiss and Graflex folding cameras, 16mm movie cameras, and Polaroid models SX-70, 180 and 195.

We Do NOT Need: Minolta, Yashica, Konica or Ricoh, Pentax ME, darkroom enlargers, studio lighting, off brand tripods and flashes, generic filters, slide and movie projectors and anything over nine lbs. 

Vintage Camera Finds

Featured below are a selection of the unique vintage offerings that we currently have available in our inventory.  Click on the name of the camera underneath the photo to go straight to the listing.

Featured Items of the Month

Our featured items for September have been selected from the KEH Camera website.  Click on the name of the product underneath the image to go straight to the listing.


KEH's Most Wanted

Featured below is a selection of KEH Camera's "most wanted" items of the month.  We are currently seeking digital & film bodies, lenses, flashes and major accessories in all formats, but the featured items below are at the top of our "most wanted" list this month.

In addition to the photographic equipment featured above, we are actively seeking the following items:

* Bronica RF 645 Body w/ 45mm f4 Lens
* Bronica RF 645 Body w/ 65mm f4 Lens
* Bronica RF 645 Body w/ 100mm f4.5 Lens
* Bronica RF20 Speedlight Flash
* Contax AF 35mm f3.5 T* Lens
* Contax AF 45mm f2.8 T* Lens
* Contax AF 55mm f3.5 T* Lens
* Contax AF 80mm f2 T* Lens
* Contax AF 120mm f4 APO Makro T* Lens
* Contax AF 210mm f4 T* Lens
* Contax AF 350mm f4 T* Lens
* Contax AF 45-90mm f4.5 Vario Sonnar T* Lens
* Contax 1.4x Mutar Teleconverter
* Contax MP-1 Battery Holder
* Contax 645 Auto Bellows
* Leica M8 Camera Body
* Leica M8.2 Camera Body

To sell any of the above featured items (or if you have other gear you'd like to sell), please contact us via email at, or give us a call at (770) 333-4220 or (800) 342-5534.  If you are unsure about an item, just ask! Your used camera equipment may be worth more than you think.

Latest Arrivals In Stock Now

We are excited to share our latest arrivals that are in stock and ready to ship.  Today's latest arrivals include refurbished and used Zeiss (Canon mount) lenses.  As new items arrive, we will update our online store in order to bring you our most recent bodies, lenses and accessories.  Check back often because you don't want to miss the latest and greatest in our inventory!

In addition to the above featured lens, we have the following lenses available and ready to ship:

Canon EOS 15mm f2.8 Zeiss Distagon ZE T* (available in LN-, EX+)
Canon EOS 18mm f3.5 Zeiss Distagon ZE T* (available in EX+)
Canon EOS 21mm f2.8 Zeiss Distagon ZE T* (available in LN-, EX+)
Canon EOS 35mm f1.4 Distagon ZE T* Lens (available in LN-, EX+)
Canon EOS 50mm f1.4 Zeiss Planar ZE T* (available in LN-)
Canon EOS 50mm f2 Zeiss MakroPlanar ZE T* (available in LN-)
Canon EOS 85mm f1.4 Zeiss Planar ZE T* (available in EX+)
Canon EOS 100mm f2 Zeiss Makro Planar ZE T* (available in EX+)
Canon EOS 135mm f2 Zeiss APO Sonnar ZE T* (available in LN-)

Click HERE to view our complete selection of Canon mount Zeiss lenses on the KEH Camera website.


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