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Fun Holiday Photos

Just a few fun holiday themed photos for your Friday...

"Dorky MenorahHead"


Wanted: Santa Claus

Flickr Group + Photo of the Week

We've joined Flickr!  We're adding a new series of blog posts, Photo of the week!!!

Here's what you can expect to find on our Flickr pages...

1. We have our profile page where we will be uploading photos of equipment, and some other behind the scenes images. (Add us as a contact!)

2. We have also started a group on Flickr. This group will be available to share your photos with us. We would love to see the gear you've purchased from us in action, your DIYs, and your photos! We're starting a new series of posts here on the blog- "photo of the week". So, join the group and upload your images to the group pool. We will, for now, be choosing our photo of the week images from this group only.

The Flickr group also has a discussion feature, so it's easy to connect with other photographers, KEH customers and blog readers. We will also be checking in occasionally to answer any questions.

We're pretty excited about all of this and hope you are too! Be sure to join the groups (if you're not already a Flickr member, well, you should be!), and invite your friends too to help us spread the word.

Photos of the Week

To get things started with our first "photo of the week" post (although the title may be a little misleading since we won't be posting every week), I've chosen multiple images to post, and decided to throw in a black and white portrait theme. (If you missed our "photo of the week"/Flickr group announcement, read it here.)

The Bargain Hunter
(and obvious choice) The Bargain Hunter, by: HamWithCam

day 144: shadows, tone, and curves.
Day 144, by: Cara Rose Photos

Old 620 film girl 1
Old 620 film girl 1, by: Cha Cha

A little windy (week 7 roll)
A little windy, by: LostNClueless

Voyeur, by: Jason/ shotgun1a

Thanks to everyone who has been uploading photos to the group pool- Keep it up and invite your friends to the group! If you haven't yet joined, you can do so here.

Photos of the Week

This weeks theme is color landscape (ok, so maybe it turned into waterscapes...).
Photos submitted to the KEH Flickr group pool.

Here Comes the Sun...
Here Comes the Sun, by: John, HamWithCam

kemasik stones
kemasik stones, by: xazzz

Sandkey Park - Clearwater Beach - Florida
Sandkey Park (Clearwater Beach, Fl), by: diegOdariO Photography

Salem, Ma.
Salem, Ma., by: Brian Maryansky

Our next two themes will be: people and places.
Join our Flickr group and submit your photos here.

Photos of the Week

This weeks theme is People... I had to narrow it down to B&W because there was so many great shots to choose from (another "people" theme, color shots only, will be coming shortly) All photos were submitted to the KEH Flickr group pool.

The biggest, everThe biggest, ever, by: Paul Vecsei/Fish as art

Soldier of the Quarter, by: Will Harris

blow man blow swan dive kodak tourist
blow man blow swan dive kodak tourist, by: Chad Schaefer


Juliana, by: Jason/Shotgun1a

From another Brother, like no other ;) Ford Driven, Chevy powered.
From another Brother, like no other, by: Kim Koch

*Our next theme is Places. Join our Flickr group and submit your photos here.


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