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Ship In & Cash Out With KEH!

We've been busy making changes in our purchasing department!  Now it's easier than ever to sell your photo gear to KEH!

1. Once you've entered & accepted your online quote, simply print out your pre-paid shipping label for easy and FREE shipping (offer applies to contiguous United States).  Just tape the label to the box, drop it off and it's on the way to KEH! 

2.  Once we receive your gear, we will evaluate it and contact you within 24-48 hours with our offer (Monday-Friday).    

3. We now offer TWO convenient ways to send you money! You choose whether we mail a check or send payment to your PayPal account (PayPal-issued fee applies).  

There's never been a better time to sell your gear to KEH Camera, the World's Largest Used Camera Dealer.

Behind the Scenes: KEH Camera Road Shows

In addition to purchasing used camera gear online and via telephone, did you know that KEH Camera also has road buyers that travel across the United States buying used photographic equipment?  We do!  Our road buyers travel across the country every week from one city to the next (and sometimes internationally too!) in search of used camera gear to purchase.

Through the years, we have formed great partnerships with countless camera & photo retailers across the nation.  Our partnerships have developed into successful dealer hosted buying events.  Our road buyers travel to a camera shop, and the camera shop in turn hosts a buying event at their store.  It's a great way to shop at your favorite local camera shop, and sell your used photo gear to KEH at the same time.

KEH will generally have a table set up in the camera shop where customers can bring in their photo gear for sale & receive a quote from our road buyer.  Our road buyer will do a quick evaluation of the equipment and provide an offer on the spot for the used photo equipment.  If accepted, you walk away with a check!

Our road buyer Everett at a dealer hosted buying event.

Attending a buying event is a great way to sell your used equipment without the hassle of selling it online, and the worry associated with shipping it across the country (and it arriving in one piece).  Another benefit to attending a buying event is the dealer will oftentimes offer a trade in reward.  What this means is, if you decide to receive store credit at your local camera shop instead of a check, you will receive a bonus amount added to the price KEH will pay for your used gear. 

If your local camera dealer is hosting a KEH buying event, all you need to do is bring in the camera gear you have for sale, and a valid ID.  KEH will handle the rest!  Since the buying events are popular, there may be a wait from time to time to see our road buyer.  What we try to do to help alleviate the wait is offer an appointment only day, typically the day before the advertised buying event days.  We recommend checking with your local camera shop before an advertised event to see if they are offering an appointment only day, and they will be happy to schedule a meeting with a KEH road buyer.

In addition to dealer hosted buying shows, our KEH Camera road buyers attend many different industry related events.  We are present at annual photo conventions such as WPPI and Photo Plus Expo, as well as many other photography related shows throughout the year.  Some conventions may be open to members only or require a registration fee, but the trade shows are almost always open to the public.  Depending on the convention, the trade show may be free to attend.  Sometimes there may be a small fee, and other times attendance may be free with registration.  

Our road buyer Justin at the 2012 Photo Plus Expo in New York.

Expos and trade shows are a fun way for photographers from professional to amateur to see what's new in the photo industry. It's also a great way to visit with a KEH road buyer and sell your used camera equipment too! We have a booth or table set up at every trade show we attend, and we are able to offer a quote on the spot for your used photographic equipment.  Just as with dealer hosted buying events, if you accept our offer, you will walk away with a check in hand!

Our road buyers also frequent other photography related events, conventions and camera club meetings in search of used photographic equipment.   Sometimes we even host buying events at local hotels in an area we will be visiting.  KEH hosted events are always free and open to the public.  Our goal is to reach as many people as possible, and make it as convenient as we can for you to sell your gear to KEH.

Keep in Touch:

If you are interested in selling your used camera gear & want to know if KEH will be visiting a town near you, we have several ways you can stay in touch.

* The best way to receive updates is to sign up on our email list (sign up by clicking here).  We send details via email regarding our buying events to customers in the local area of a show location.

* Our road show schedule can also be found here on the KEH Camera Blog.

* Our road show events are also available on our Facebook Events page located here (you do not need to be a Facebook member, or even logged into Facebook, to view the main page listing for our events).


Some handy tips to keep in mind if you would like to attend a buying event & sell your used camera gear to KEH Camera:

* KEH only buys used camera equipment at shows, we do not sell.

* If you cannot attend a buying event, have too much gear to transport, or have an estate sale, please contact KEH via email or by calling (770) 333-4220.  We will be happy to assist you with making arrangements to sell your equipment.  For large quantities, we may even have a buyer meet you before or after a show when at all possible.  

* Prices on camera gear can fluctuate depending on supply and demand.  If you are thinking about buying a new camera, it may be beneficial to sell your camera before the latest model is released, as buy prices generally drop once a newer model is available on the market.   

* We are not always able to make an offer to purchase certain older or broken items.  However, we will certainly be happy to help you recycle the items in an environmentally friendly manner if you would like to donate them to KEH.

Since 1979, we have earned the trust of customers worldwide by paying top market value for clean, used camera gear.  We hope you will stop by and see us the next time we are visiting a town near you!

Get Paid to Recycle Your Camera

As today is Earth Day, it's the perfect opportunity to recycle your old camera equipment.  Instead of your camera collecting dust in your closet or basement, consider selling or trading in your old gear.  Not only is it a great option for the environment, but you can make some extra cash too.            

For 34 years, KEH Camera has been dedicated to reselling, reusing and recycling photographic equipment, and we are here to help you with environmentally friendly options regarding your used camera gear.  Get paid to recycle by selling or trading in your used film or digital bodies, lenses, flashes and accessories.

We are not always able to make an offer to purchase certain older or broken items.  However, we will be happy to help you recycle your used photographic gear in an environmentally friendly manner if you would like to donate them to KEH.  We are able to recycle and repurpose countless photographic items.

The process is easy and free.  All you have to do is contact our purchasing department via email or by telephone at (770) 333-4220 or (800) 342-5534.  We always pay top market value for clean, used gear, and shipping is free.
Whether you decide to sell, trade or donate your used camera equipment, you'll feel good about saving time, money and helping the environment.  

Send Us Your Quality Photo Gear

Do you have photographic equipment in your closet or camera bag that you no longer need or use? If so, why not turn it into cash? We've created a hassle free way for you to sell your unwanted photographic equipment, and receive top dollar for your gear!

We've realized that many of our customers enjoy the convenience and simplicity of sending gear directly to us, rather than looking up values online or calling in to receive a quote. We are grateful for the trust you've placed in us to fairly evaluate your equipment, and we want to continue to serve you with our top market prices and stellar customer service. All you have to do is follow three simple steps, and we'll take care of the rest!

1. Safely pack your items (we suggest using smaller boxes with lots of padding).  In addition to your equipment, please include your contact information (name, address, email and phone number).

Click HERE to print a free FedEx shipping label.  Don't worry about providing a quote number, just select the package size, weight and a short description of what is included in the box.  Send your package to KEH Camera 4900 Highlands Parkway Smyrna, GA 30082.

2. Once we receive your package, we will evaluate your equipment and contact you with our best offer (please allow 7 to 10 business days).  If you already have a price in mind, feel free to include a note in the box, and we'll simply cut you a check.  If we can't meet your request, we will contact you.  If you would prefer us to make an offer, that's fine too! If you are not fully satisfied with our offer, we will return your gear free of charge.

3. Once you have approved our offer, we will mail a check to you.  It's that easy!

Brands We Need: Nikon, Canon, Contax, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica, Pentax, Sony and Leica.

Collectibles We Need: Alpa, Zeiss, Leica, Minox, Contax, Rolleiflex, Voigtlander, Nikon and Canon Rangefinder, panoramic cameras, stereo cameras, subminiature cameras, Kodak, Zeiss and Graflex folding cameras, 16mm movie cameras, and Polaroid models SX-70, 180 and 195.

We Do NOT Need: Minolta, Yashica, Konica or Ricoh, Pentax ME, darkroom enlargers, studio lighting, off brand tripods and flashes, generic filters, slide and movie projectors and anything over nine lbs. 

Donate Your Camera and Help Bert's Big Adventure!

KEH Camera is teaming up with Bert's Big Adventure to raise funds for terminally ill children, and we hope you'll join us!

Founded in 2002, Bert's Big Adventure is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children with chronic and terminal illnesses by sending them and their families on an all-expenses-paid five day journey to Walt Disney World®.   To qualify for Bert’s Big Adventure, children must be between the ages of 5 and 12, live in “The Bert Show” radio listening area, prove financial need and have never been to Walt Disney World®.

KEH Camera is supporting Bert's Big Adventure by hosting a camera equipment donation event on Saturday, August 24 from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Bring in your clean, used camera equipment to one of three metro Atlanta, GA drop off locations for an evaluation on the spot, and choose to donate all or part of the value to Bert's Big Adventure.  If visiting the Atlanta Airport Marriott location, just stop by the front for loading/unloading without incurring a parking fee. 

We are actively seeking digital and film bodies, collectible cameras, lenses, flashes and major accessories in all formats.  Please be sure to bring a valid ID.  We are not always able to make an offer to purchase certain older or broken items.  However, we will certainly be happy to help you recycle the items in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you are out of the area but would like to contribute, please click HERE for a prepaid FedEx shipping label.  Please make sure to use quote # 999 so we will know to apply credit to Bert's Big Adventure.  Please limit packages to 9 lbs.    

This is a great way to give back to the community, and we are encouraging everyone to donate as much as possible to make the biggest impact for this great charity.

Drop Off Locations:

KEH Camera
4900 Highlands Parkway
Smyrna, GA 30082
(770) 333-4220

Dunwoody Photo
5588 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338
(678) 320-0202

Atlanta Airport Marriott
4711 Best Road
Atlanta, GA 30337    

We hope to see you there!


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