This post is part of "Kids Week", running October 10-14 on the KEH Camera Blog and is our second post for the day. We decided to have this one separate from the other post this morning on personal stories because this kid totally deserves his own post for what he has done for other teen photographers. Please welcome 15 year old Justin Lai...

It all began when I was 13 years old and in the 8th grade. I have always seen photography as a revered, phenomenal craft that cemented the past to be forever remembered. I lacked the funds however, to purchase a suitable D-SLR camera. As time passed and I researched more about photography, my desire to obtain a camera grew. So, I began a lawn care company to feed this need, and eventually purchased a Nikon D5000. I spent all of my free time soaking in the wonders of the craft and eventually won $3,000 in prize money from international photography competitions. With these new funds, I began my own photo studio, upgraded my camera, and purchased a few additional lenses. Wishing to expand my experience and breadth of knowledge, I launched  in June  2011, around the time when I was turning 15. The site has since been growing with more views and page impressions since gaining a following from the Flickr community.

photo by Justin Lai

I believe that quality photography is a skill that should be more widely taught and imposed at an early age. Documentation of the past and the course of human history is paramount to our ability to recall these past events and cherish them. As I get older, I wish for photography to always be an integral part of my life, and I wish to continue my studio business as a side job as I advance in age.

The Teen Photo website

I started Teen Photo to fill a niche that wasn't yet present on the web; a place for young photographers to learn, share, and grow in photography. My goals are for an eventual handbook or guidebook written purely by teens, for teens, and with teens' photography and tutorials. I also hope for the current international photo contest sponsored by Adobe to reach mass popularity, so that more and more teens will be able to be rewarded for their tireless efforts in photography.

photo by Justin Lai

* Check out the site for tutorials, forums, contests, and more.
* And photographers between the ages of 13-22, go and enter the 2011 International Teen Photo Photography Contest sponsored by Adobe. Details here.