The EGG lens creates a 360 degree image in just one shot. The provided software turns that shot into a 360 deg. panoramic virtual tour with no stitching required. This lens is ideal for Real Estate photography to show virtual tours of homes and other spaces.

After figuring out how to properly use the lens, it was pretty simple. We had great plans of taking virtual tour shots of our entire building, which we did, but then in the software process of it realized that in order to see the actual virtual tours, we would either need to 1) upload not only the image but the program files to a website, or 2) email both the program file and image file. So, unfortunately the blog format prevents us from sharing the actual virtual tours with you, but we've posted some of the still 360 degree shots for your viewing enjoyment.

The KEH lobby.
The purchasing department.
Shelves of bins in the warehouse.
The breakroom.
Test shot.

Click HERE to see KEH Camera's selection of EGG lenses.