What a title!  I have spent all of my time with you so far as a business owner and professional photographer.  I am going to step out of that role for a little while and put on my mommy hat.  I want to get back to basics and spend some time on what matters most to me.  My family.  And how to best capture the memories of my children and each stage of their lives.  Here is my top three list of the most important things to photograph:

1. Routine:  It may sound boring but think about it for a minute.  What do we typically capture in photographs?  Vacations, birthdays, graduations, first days of school?  These milestones are really important but they make up such a small percentage of our lives.  Our lives are made up of the things that we do everyday and rarely stop to enjoy.  Meal time, bath time, bed time, reading together, dance classes, soccer practice, etc.  The combination of these daily events is what shapes our family. Take the time to photograph these seemingly insignificant moments.  This is where you will truly see the growth and progression of your family and kids.  Life goes by so quickly.  The little things are magical.  Don't miss the opportunity to capture those moments in photographs.

2. Spaces:  Our lives mostly happen within the walls of our homes.  Consider the rooms in your home a part of the family.  You'll want to remember how each room in your home served your family, and the memories made there are priceless.  Each space in our home holds it own set of memories.  You'll love being able to look back someday and remember the bits of your family life that took place the kitchen, backyard, kid's bedrooms, and even the bathrooms.  Homes change over the years just as our families do.  Capture the here and now of each space in your home, and your home away from homes.

3: Favorite things:  If you have children you know.  A beloved blankie will one day end up in a box in the attic.  The favorite stuffed animal changes from month to month.  As your children grow older their interests, hobbies, books, and fashion will undoubtedly change.  Don't forget to capture each stage of their developing personalities with your camera.  You don't have to arrange a photo shoot for this.  Just follow them around and be ready.  Your favorite photographs, and the ones that best capture your child with their favorite things, will happen when they forget you are there.  Let them play while you quietly watch.  Don't ask them to pose or look at you or smile.  Let them be themselves.  That's the memory you want to have later.

The most important thing to remember here is that your pictures do not have to be "amazing" or "professional" or "Pinterest worthy".  They just need to be meaningful to you.  And they need to be taken.  Don't get so caught up in trying to capture a perfect moment that you miss a magical one.  Capture your family's memories, that's what's important.