No matter who you are or where you are, you can participate in artist Beth Lilly’s project “The Oracle @ WiFi”. A highly acclaimed, interactive, cell phone performance art project that will occur on October 7th, 2010.

What’s the project about?
Artist Beth Lilly wanted to involve individuals directly and make photographs specifically for them. She also loves to play with random chance in the creation of art. She put the two together and came up with a photography project that uses her cell phone camera to pair your questions with images created randomly for you as an answer. You can think of it as cell phone divination, yes, telling your fortune. But remember, this is not a psychic hot line – it’s performance art.
How To Join In:
* Think of a sincere question about your life, the world, other people
* Call Beth’s cell phone at 404-805-5431 on Oct 7th from 8am – 7pm
* Keep your question a secret!
* Wherever she is when she takes your call (that’s the random part) she will make three images starting right there, just for you.
* After she emails the images to you, you just need to reply back and reveal your question.
* After the question is paired with the images, artist and caller speculate on the meaning of the images as they relate to the question.
Results are often humorous, scathing, haunting and sometimes even profound.
A sample of past “readings” can be found at as well as all that were created from the last Oracle event.
This Oracle @ WiFi event is part of the month-long city wide Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival.
Cell Phone Number: 404-805-5431
Date: Thursday October 7th

Time: 8am – 7pm

Editors note: I have personally participated in one of theses "readings" before, and it was a lot fun. I will let you know that the phone line will probably be busy most of the day and if you really want to participate, you'll have to stick with it and keep calling back.