Desiring a quick, easily accessible way to film spontaneous moments, I rented a DJI Osmo from KEH Camera. It is a 4K, 12MP video-camera on a 3-axis gimbal with a hand-held stabilizer.  I was optimistic that this complete kit would be everything I wanted in a small, lightweight, stabilized camera.

The only additional equipment needed to operate the DJI Osmo is a smartphone. The Osmo and the phone connect through Wi-Fi and the DJI Go app, converting the phone into a screen for live view shooting. The connection process can be finicky, which can cause some confusion, but once the set-up process is complete, the connection is solid.

Shooting with the Osmo is simple and easy. Panning and tilting can be done with a thumb stick on the handle, making it easy to get the perfect shot. However, once the camera is put into sleep mode, the Wi-Fi connection process must be done all over again. Therefore, I decided the Osmo was not for me.

I was in need of a video-camera to start up quickly, because I tend to shoot more spontaneous moments.  A well-planned shoot would be great for an Osmo, but spontaneous, erratic moments should be captured with a video-camera that powers on, connects, and shoots in seconds, rather than minutes.