Many say, "the master of many, is the master of none”. Well, I disagree! While you don’t have to become a video pro, it doesn’t hurt to master a few techniques that may help you expand your photography skill set or help brand your business. You may not think it is necessary to learn videography, but the success of your photography might lie in your ability to be savvy in different areas. Here are a couple of reasons you should begin broadening your skill set with video:

Increased Social Media & Website Audience Engagement

Year after year, video continues to be the most engaging form of content shared on social media platforms. By 2020, 75% of the world’s mobile traffic will be video. The social media algorithm deciding what content appears first has begun to favor moving images versus static ones. Nowadays, the more video in your content, the more likely your content will be seen. That’s why you should try adding more video elements in your content. What better way to show off your photography portfolio than with a video reel of your portfolio, or sharing insider tips on your photographic style? Adding these same video elements to your website can increase traffic, give your website more personality, and help deliver messages more clearly.

Expand Portfolio & Client Base

Photo and video production are two competitive industries. Being able to reach many people and maneuver through both mediums is key to expanding your skill set, thus expanding your portfolio. Experimenting with both mediums can help you be better at both. Why not over-deliver? If you’re stuck in a creative block capturing photos, maybe dabbling in video will help spark an idea to get you back on track and vice versa. Instead of using video and photography separately, learn collectively so they can support each other. Having video and photo production on your resume could be just what your next client is looking for.

It can seem intimidating trying to juggle video production and photography. Take it slow. Master what you love, but never stop learning ways you can improve by developing new skills in other areas.

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