Tips for Photographing in the Fall by Jessica Feely

When fall rolls around, it can provide the loveliest of backdrops for your subjects. In some areas of the country, the trees are a canvas of oranges, yellows and reds. You can use these colors to help your subject and image pop. Here are some tips and ideas for great photos during the Fall.

Time of day. Early morning and an hour before sunset are known as the best times to photograph subjects outside. It provides flattering soft lighting on their face. Position yourself so the morning light filters through the tree leaves and creates a backlighting effect. It could really make those Fall leaves stand out even more. 

Lens choice. A longer lens will blur the background behind the subject, while a wider lens has less compression but still a soft look. If you are shooting portrait photography, I’d recommend a longer portrait lens, such as a 50mm, 85mm, or 70-200mm. If you are shooting landscape photography, a wide angle lens such as a 24mm, 35mm, or 17-35mm can really show off more Fall landscapes. 

Get Creative. Rake a pile of leaves together and have your subject throw them in the air. Add some motion to your images by jumping into a pile of leaves. Find a Christmas  tree farm and have your subjects hide and seek while you photograph them having fun. 

Contrasting Colors. You can find these naturally in nature with the changing of the leaves. If you are photographing subjects, place them in front of bright colored trees or bushes that contrast or compliment the colors they are wearing. A red sweater or scarf would look beautiful in front of a yellow background.

As you head out this year for fall photos also remember to scout for good locations. You’ll want to visit them sooner than later because the leaves won’t last long. Mark down the locations of your favorite spots so that you can visit them the next year. Make sure to dress warm and have fun!