Your camera is your partner in photography and you love it. How else will you take amazing photos of the view from your favorite hiking trail? That’s why it‘s important to take good care of your camera equipment at all times. We put together our top ten tips for making sure your camera stays in good shape.

Tip #1: Keep your camera clean. Dirt can cause serious damage to your gear. Be sure to clean your equipment thoroughly with a soft cloth after every shoot and avoid grimy surfaces.

Tip #2: When you are not taking photos, keep you camera in a bag or case. This protects it from getting wet, scratched, being knocked over or any number of potential accidents. Don’t have a bag yet? We have a wide selection of camera bags and cases.

Tip #3: Use your camera regularly. Just like it’s essential to drive a car regularly in order to keep it working well, it is crucial to use your camera gear regularly. Leaving your gear sitting for an extended period of time can lead to issues like dust build-up and mold growth in humid places. This shouldn’t be a challenge for the photography lovers out there – we know how hard it is to put your camera down.

Tip #4: Always use lens caps on the front and back of your lenses. It is easy to scratch your lens, therefore you should always have lens caps handy for when you’re not taking photos or changing lenses frequently.

Tip #5: Keep your camera safe with a strap and battery grip. Sometimes even that rubberized grip can slip right out of your hands. Use a camera strap to help catch your camera if you do drop it for any reason. Also, add a battery grip to help you keep a steady hold on your camera when shooting in portrait orientation. Not only will you gain an easily accessible shutter button, but also some added battery life.

Tip #6: Place silica gel packets in your camera bag when it’s humid. Humidity and camera gear don’t mix very well, especially in the heat. Silica gel packets will keep your gear dry in humid weather, preventing fungus and mold from growing.

Tip #7: Protect your lens with a UV filter. Placing a good UV filter on the front of your lens can protect the glass from potential scratches and shattering. It’s a small thing, but it goes a long way in preventing large repair fees for fixing a broken lens.

Tip #8: Keep your camera out of the water. We know your camera is an extension of your hand and we totally understand the desire to take it everywhere with you. But don’t ruin it by getting it wet. Water damage is the worst kind and highly expensive to fix. Use specially designed waterproof cases if you really want to take portraits of dolphins or a rain cover for rainy days.

Tip #9: Insure your camera gear. We suggest adding your camera gear to your home owners’ or renters’ insurance policy. You invested a lot of time and money into that gear of yours. Protect your investment and be sure you can replace it if the worst happens.

Tip #10: Don’t attempt to clean your sensor. Not unless you are equipped with the right tools. Finding specks and dust in your photos is not fun. However, don’t rush to blow into your camera. Your breath may be fresh, but it can damage the coating on your sensor and your lenses for that matter too. Always use a sensor swab or static charged brush for dry cleaning your sensor.

Keep these ten most important tips in mind when handling your camera equipment and it will definitely last. But if something unfortunate does befall your precious gear, don’t be shy! Feel free to ask us questions anytime and we can also repair your gear. Have more crucial safety tips in mind? Share with us below in the comments.