Congratulations to our Top Pic of the Week, Grant Lechner!  Read on to learn more about the production of these photos.

How long have you been a photographer & how did you begin your journey?

 I started taking a few darkroom classes in high school using my parents old Nikon SLR, but even with great interest I decided to pursue a Graphic Design degree thinking it was a safer career... it wasn't until after graduating in 2012 that I started picking up gigs shooting and really gave it a serious go, I haven't looked back since.

What tips do you have for shooting?

Slow down, be more methodical with the creative decisions you make while out photographing. Don't just shoot a image, make an image.

How do you gain inspiration for the photos you take?

All different sources from music, movies, photo books, seeing other artists work on instagram.

How would you describe your photographic style?

I'm not exactly sure if I'm being completely honest. I have a healthy dose of creative ADD and am always experimenting with different styles of shooting/subjects. But if I had to choose I'd say moody, with heavy use of shadows and texture.  

What advice or tips would you give to other photographers regarding finding their style?

Just keep shooting and follow your natural creative instincts. Pursue creating ideas even if others deter you. 


What is the location of the photo(s)? Some alley in the Chicago Loop.

What camera(s) did you use? Canon 6D

What lens(es)? Canon 24-70 V1

Description of how you captured this shot(s): I was walking home from work and I saw this lone figure smoking beneath a heating lamp down a long alley. The light and how he was dressed was just too perfect to pass up so I approached him and talked for a few minutes before I asked him for a portrait. He happily obliged and even got into character a bit by tipping his hat and letting out a large plume of smoke. 

Post production process: General Lightroom post production. I like to keep post simple in the end. 


Cubs Win

What is the location of the photo(s)? Outside Wrigley Field

What camera(s) did you use? Canon 6D 

What lens(es)? Sigma 35mm Art

Description of how you captured this shot(s): Anxiously awaiting in the crowd for the final out and the Cubs to be declared World Champions, I'm short as hell, so my camera was lifted as high up as I could get it. The moment the Cubs won and the sign flashed "Cubs Win" I shot, the image isn't technically or compositionally beautiful but it was the energy of the historical moment; definitely crazy to be in a sea of people erupting in joy for their team. 

Post production process: Just a simple B&W preset that I made.

The Mist Trail

What is the location of the photo(s)? Yosemite National Park

What camera(s) did you use? i Phone X

Description of how you captured this shot(s): I heard about the beauty of this hike and packed all my gear in preparation for this area... but in the end, due to the heavy mist of being near the falls my DSLR couldn't even focus and my lens would be soaked in seconds. So as the saying goes "The best camera you have is the one on you" I pulled out my phone and it worked better than my Canon. Hiking up next to these falls during sunrise was one of the most surreal moments i've experienced in quite a while. 

Post production process: I used Snapseed to make adjustments to exposure and color grading.

Adult World

What is the location of the photo(s)? A studio

What camera(s) did you use? Canon 6D

What lens(es)? Sigma 50mm Art

Description of how you captured this shot(s): Photographing sculptures for an editorial on the artist Ryan Thomas Monahan. Using a one light setup, a small octa to the right, feathered across subject. I shot 2 images here, 1 with artists hand included;1 without .

Post production process: Composited the 2 images together (removing the rest of the arm). Color grading & retouching done in Photoshop.

Thank you, Grant, for allowing us to share these photos! Check out more of his work on his website and on Instagram.

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