Congratulations to Katrina Wiens for being chosen as our Top Pic of the Week! This one is very different from some of our past photos and we're excited to share with you how she was able to create such a cool photo! In her Knoxville, TN backyard, Katrina used her Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 and a steady MeFoto tripod to capture the light of the fire.  Read more below about the production of this photo! 


I've been shooting for four years and am self-taught in manual. I'd never gotten to try steel wool photography until someone brought the materials to a photographer meet up in Knoxville. I was hooked after that! After buying the supplies to try it myself, my mind started coming up with other things I could attempt with it. That's when I got this image in my head. I thought it would be sweet if I could get a strong reflection in the water, but I couldn't think of a place with still water where I would be allowed to play with fire.

Then I had the thought if I used our pool in our backyard I could turn off the pump to get perfectly still water.  The only problem with this idea was that I was going to be really close to the house. From the diving board where I was standing, it's probably five yards away from our screened in porch. I still had this image in my head so I figured I could ask my mom about it and see what she thought.

10 Seconds at ISO 400 and f/6.3

"Mom, I have a photograph idea, but it involves me twirling fire near the house."

To my surprise, she agreed to let me do it!

Thanks, Katrina for allowing us to share this awesome photo! View more of her photos on her Instagram and Portfolio.