Congratulations to our Top Pic of the Week, Evan Lewis. Read to learn more about the production of his photos.

Portrait in the Darkness | Pentax 6x7 and 105mm 2.4 +Kodak Ektar 100 | I created this photo with a tripod and shutter release cable with a shutter speed of 2 seconds with the lens wide open.

 How long have you been a photographer & how did you begin your journey?

I have been making photographs for almost 4 years now. I first became interested in photography while taking a base level photo course in university to fill up credit hours - and I fell in love with photography.

How would you describe your photographic style?

Right now, I feel I don’t have a particular style. I’m in a season more of experimentation with different film stocks, focal lengths, and subject matters. Experimentation  has been helpful in finding a rhythm of how I like to create, what comes naturally, and where I need to grow my technique and concepts.

Window Plants | Polaroid SX-70 + SX-70 b&w film| a beautifully simple photograph that accentuates the morning light reflected off this small fern. What they lack in detail, Polaroids more than make up for in raw emotion when you make photographs..

What is your favorite genre to shoot? What tips do you have for shooting some of your favorite genres?

Environmental portraiture is especially fun for me. It is very exciting to capture people in their context, doing what they are passionate about. Learn to spend time with people without your camera. Then, making portraits of them in the future will be even more successful.

What advice or tips would you give to other photographers regarding finding their style?

Be willing to try something completely foreign. “Failure” is only truly failure if you don’t pull yourself up and continue making photographs.

Lamp LightFuji XT-2 and 16-55 f2.8 |The lighting effect was created from an outside light source along with light inside the lamp shade. I took a 4 second exposure with a b&w Fuji film simulation in-camera and tweaked the exposure in post.


Do you own multiple cameras? Which is your favorite?

At the moment I shoot Fuji X-T2, a Canon A1 35mm SLR, and a Pentax 6x7. The Pentax is heavy and expensive to shoot, but it is by far my favorite to create with.

What gear are you hoping to add to your collection?

The Fuji 56mm f1.2 is an excellent portrait lens, and I’ve been saving up for a few months now!


Effervescent | Canon A1 and 50mm 1.4 FDn +Kodak Portra 400 | This is a photo of bubbles from a pool reflecting the colors of sunset. This is a very emotional photograph for me because of the events surrounding the moment I took this photo

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Instagram: @evan_lewis_

VSCO : @elewi

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