Congratulations to our Top Pic of the Week, Louie.  Read on to learn more about the production of his photos.

How long have you been a photographer & how did you begin your journey?

I have been playing with cameras for roughly 5 years and professionally I would say a year and some months. I started as an enthusiast and someone asked me to photograph their wedding and I said yes. Since then, I started photographing weddings for 2 years.

 How would you describe your photographic style?

Right now I would say my style is mostly street. Sometimes I like photographing something dark; something that shows how I feel. 

What tips do you have for photographing your subjects?

First tip is to be yourself and don't force yourself to become someone you are not. 

What other types of photos do you enjoy capturing?

Besides fashion photography, I enjoy photographing portraits on 120 film, some landscapes and details of something at random.

[mks_col] [mks_one_half] I photographed this set in Tribeca on Duane St, New York, NY

[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half] I paired my Pentax 67 with the 105mm 2.4 lens

[/mks_one_half] [/mks_col]

What advice or tips would you give to other photographers regarding finding their style?

Advice I consistently remind myself of is don't fight to be someone else or mimic their way of post or the way they photograph. You can admire or learn from other artist, but don't try to be like them because you are not. Finding yourself in your art gives you the power to create something that is part of you.

Do you own multiple cameras? Which is your favorite?

I do own a few cameras. I own one Nikon D800 and D4 and a few film cameras.  I have a Nikon 35Ti, Voigtlander R3a and for medium format I have a Mamiya RZ67. My personal favorite is my Pentax 67. I love the weight, the style, the look, (esp with the wooden grip) every time I photograph with it I can a connection from loading film to pressing the shutter. I take my time with it. I really love my Pentax 67.

I use my Pentax 67 w/ Kodak Portra 400 film and my Voigtlander R3a with Kodak Tri-X 400. I paired my Pentax 67 with the 105mm 2.4 lens. I had to film develop and I scanned into my computer

What gear are you  hoping to add to your collection?

To be honest, at the moment I am so content with what I have I have not looked to buy anymore gear. I am comfortable with what I am shooting with and I feel like that is all I need at the moment. So for now I am not looking into expending my gear.   

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I want to credit my model Sandra—she is really fun to work with never a dull moment with her. My Instagram is @louie.herman and my website is 

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