Congratulations to our Top Pic of the Week, Sharod.  Using softboxes with secret gels for lighting, he grabbed his Sony a6300 and Sigma f/2.8 60mm lens to capture these gorgeous images. We are featuring his photos "Dream Tonight" and "Broken Memories", featuring model, Katarina. 

I’ve been a photographer for about 3 years,but started dabbling in it around 2009. An old colleague of mine brought her camera with her while a group of us were out walking around NYC. I asked if I could take a peek and snap a few pics and she said yes. It was with her camera that made me fall in love with being behind the lens.


Broken Memories
Dream Tonight


Lightroom is a dream with adjusting and editing photos. For lighting like this, though, make sure the colors are edited in a way where they compliment your subject and not overpower or take attention away from them. 


Thank you for allowing us to share these amazing images. Click here to check out more of his work via Instagram: @Dark_n_Stormy.  Are you taking a trip to NYC?  Head over to his website to book him for a dark & stormy shoot: