I Love Photography! 
Can I really get paid to do what I love?

You love photography.  Other people love your photography.  People have paid you for your photography.  Real money!  You start thinking "Hmm, I love photography and I like money.  Maybe it's time to start my own business."  Good for you!  But hold on just a minute, let's talk about this.  One of the questions I get asked the most by aspiring  photography business owners is "How much money do you make?"  None of your business!  Let's move on to the second most popular question:

How did you get started?

My answer: Just like you will.  Now, there are a LOT of decisions to be made before you invest the time and money required to start a business.  Some I'm sure you have thought of and others may not have crossed your mind.  Consider these...

Home or retail studio?
What do you want to photograph?
What products do you want to offer?
How much time do you have to devote to your business?
How will your business affect your family?
Do you have the skills required to deliver consistent quality to your clients or do you need to invest in education?

Now I don't mean to scare you off, but...well, you have some decisions to make.  And know that taking the time to answer these questions - and a few others - will seriously reduce the pain you might otherwise experience.  Obviously I decided that officially going into business was right for me.  I just wish someone had made me answer all of those questions BEFORE I got started.

Before I address the questions above, and as I jump into a few things in greater detail, let me say here that you will change your mind about almost everything along the way.  And, that's okay!  You'll learn new things, encounter new products, and life will happen.  But you need to have a basic plan in hand, and some reasonable expectations (notice I said "in hand" and not "in mind").

Pros and Cons

Here's your first bit of homework.  Make a list of pros and cons.  I'll be honest, when making my list a lot of things showed up on both sides of the list.  Working at home is a blessing and a curse.  So is working at a studio away from home.  Having more time with the kids may also be both...(hey, just being honest here!  They ARE adorable though!)

If after making your list you are still excited about starting your photography business, come back next Wednesday and I'll walk you through the process, starting with the basics:

Licenses & Taxes & Insurance...Oh My!

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