It's summer and it sure is a hot one! Since it's that time of year for vacations and swimming, we've decided to do a mini series on underwater camera options.

To start, I want to touch base on the disposable waterproof camera, since the most people have probably used one of those over a pro underwater camera...

What's it good for? If you have no interest in shooting in or near water, except on one occasion. With the affordable options for underwater now, I see little to no reason to purchase a disposable anymore, and here's why:

- Disposables are only good for one use
- Cost (of that one use): purchase camera, pay for film to be developed (and prints or scans)
- Low quality (grain, blur, bad focus)
- No control (can't change aperture, shutter speeds, ISO, focus, zoom, nothing)

So, with stating my feelings on that topic, here's what we will be covering in our upcoming "Underwater Options" posts: Underwater housings, point and shoot waterproof/underwater cameras, 35mm Nikonos system. This series will run all this week!

images © Jenn Alexander Fletcher