Underwater Shooting- Housings
By: Christina Hodgen

examples above and below:
plastic underwater housings for digital point and shoot cameras

below, images shot underwater with a P&S digital and UW housing
© Christina Hodgen

The underwater housing kept my point and shoot well protected in the water as well as on the sand. It was easy to use, convenient, and reasonably priced. Using the underwater mode on my camera helped with the picture quality by adjusting the camera metering and color settings automatically. All in all, this is a great option to for someone wanting to experiment with underwater photography, or to take on a vacation or to the pool.

- Cost effective
- Easy to use- you can use your existing point and shoot so you don't have to learn functions on another camera
- Floats to the surface if you lose your grip
- There is no maximum depth to adhere to

- More bulky than the dedicated UW point and shoot cameras
- The seals on the housing require some maintenance
- The more serious amateur or pro photographer may want more control
- A slight focus lag; doesn't always auto-focus as quickly

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