Let's face it—vintage cameras are cool. They've been cool for over a hundred years, and will continue to be cool for the next hundred years. Here at KEH, we know that nothing looks quite as stylish as a piece of history up on the shelf or in a display case—instant nostalgia has never been so simple.

There's something about that black and chrome that speaks of elegance. Even an overused camera at the end of its photo-taking life can continue to exude personality next to a stack of books. Nothing makes you feel quite like an accomplished adventurer or world traveler than seeing a well-used camera on display.

Use Vintage Cameras As Decoration To Spruce Up Any Space

A quick Google search for camera decor leads to about 255 million results. You can find camera lens coffee mugs, camera schematic posters, wall decals and more. I, myself, am the owner of a set of lens-shaped shot glasses (they were a gift) and camera pillows sit on my own living room couch. Let's be honest, though—nothing beats the spirit of authenticity that comes from a real-life camera body that once took real-life photos.

Pinterest has boards full of ideas, if the classic camera-on-a-bookshelf isn't your style. Repurposed cameras and lenses are perfect for DIYers and decorators. Some adventurous folks even go as far as to pull the insides out of old cameras and turn them into lamps or planters for small succulents. One interesting, less grisly, idea is to attach cameras to wall mounts and then place empty frames around them. Of course, if you have a notable collection to show off, that can be even more impressive.

Use Vintage Cameras As Decoration To Spruce Up Any Space

If you don't have an old camera that you're willing to sacrifice for the sake of adding some personality to your space, you can pick up an As Is or Ugly grade display camera for an amazing deal right here at KEH. Then, just add an appropriate lens if need be. After all, a display camera still has value, even if it's got light leaks. The more vintage and unique-looking, the better. A nearly 100-year old camera with bellows can provide a bold and elegant contrast in a modern workspace.


Use Vintage Cameras As Decoration To Spruce Up Any Space

Perched on the corner of an entertainment center, an old camera is almost guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Who among us doesn't like talking about their love of photography? A vintage camera can easily allow your inner shutterbug to shine.

Even if photography isn't your chosen profession, having something like this in your workspace or study will certainly add some class. It's also significantly more affordable than rich mahogany and dozens of leather-bound books.