There are numerous times when you may need to find where the serial numbers are located on your photographic equipment. One of these times is when you're getting ready to sell your equipment to KEH, as our quoting and buying system requests these numbers. Another time is when you should be recording what equipment you own for proper record keeping, such as in insurance instances (read: Gear Theft and Damage Tips). There are many possible spots for the serial numbers to be located, some more hidden than others. So here's a quick visual guide to where the more common serial number spots are on most equipment.

Camera Bodies:

back of camera, top corner

back of camera, bottom corner

bottom of camera or grip

underneath the lens mount on camera

on hot shoe (flash mount)
top, front of camera- medium format
next to back door hinge- Olympus XA's


under side of flash head


back of handheld meter
front lens ring

back of lens above mount
on lens mount

on side of lens. shown: front of large format lens