With the camera phone becoming more and more popular as the easy go-to snapshot camera, it seems like compact point-and-shoot cameras are getting the brush-off. While I certainly understand the convenience of having a camera on your phone for when you don't have another camera around, there are just certain things a camera phone can't accomplish. Here are a few reasons why I love having a p&s in addition to a main camera system and a camera phone.

  • They are better quality than a camera phone, and allow you the ability to make larger prints.
  • Much better for lower light situations than a camera phone, where there isn't much light and you can't use a flash.
  • It doesn't drain your cell phone battery.
  • They are small and compact which means you can take them everywhere. Carry one in a purse or a pocket and never miss an important moment (yes, you can do this with a phone, but not so much with an SLR).
  • Is easy for on-the-go whether you're taking photos for research or inspiration, for blogging, personal archives, family and friend snapshots, or fun vacation photos.
  • Great to take to destinations where you may be worried to take an expensive SLR system, want to travel light, and be less conspicuous... and maybe even where your phone doesn't get a signal.
  • Gives you more exposure options than a camera phone. Many models have manual options as well as automatic settings.
  • Pretty much all digital cameras have post processing editing options these days, whether it's a D-SLR, point and shoot, or camera phone. While the camera phone has more editing apps, most of these apps offer novelty effects which can be overused and (I think) will eventually go out of style.
  • Most of them now record HD video also.
  • There's a model for every budget and most models come in different color options.
  • If the convenience of uploading your photos immediately is an issue, then there's the option to get a wireless memory card, which enables you to do just that.

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