In a previous post, I explored some of the benefits of buying used photography gear, so today let's examine the other side of the coin—the benefits of selling gear. After all, one can't exist without the other, so if you want the full picture, it's important to understand what drives the market from both the buyer and the seller perspective.

Continue the story

While most people own a camera or other photographic equipment, not everyone uses theirs. So, instead of keeping these items around gathering dust, or worse yet, throwing them out, why not give them new life? You never know what might happen—your old kit might prove to be a life-changing gateway into film photography for a young art student.

In a way, selling camera gear is the simplest form of recycling—you're extending the usefulness of these items by letting someone else have a go at them. Plus, by keeping your gear from the landfill or from becoming e-waste, you get to make a little money, which is always a nice motivator. Selling your unwanted gear has a tremendous positive impact, not only for the people involved, but also on the environment, which ultimately affects us all.

Your payday between paydays

Another good reason to sell gear is perhaps the most obvious one—you get money! Photography equipment has value, even when used, and depending on factors like condition, demand and supply, it may be worth more than you think. At KEH, for example, we pay top market price for gear received through our website or one of our buying events, and we offer the option for fast electronic payment for people who need a quick buck.

Make the upgrade

If you're a photographer, selling old equipment can be the first step in the process of acquiring new gear. Say you want to upgrade to a new system—selling off your old items can be the start of a new chapter in your photography life. Trading is a popular option at KEH, and we add an extra 5% to quotes when sellers opt to trade. This allows you to offset some of the cost of upgrading and perhaps make something that was previously out of your reach finally affordable.

There's really no downside to selling your photography gear, whether you're looking to make some room, cash in or trade up. So, when you're good and ready to let go of your equipment, we'll be here for you.