Being a photographer is a lifelong learning process that you take on with your camera gear. As you learn more about the craft and make progress, you revamp, you upgrade your camera kit -- you essentially trade the old gear for the new as the technology also progresses. Is that Pentax K1000 35mm film camera gathering dust after that darkroom class you took in college? Did that compact mirrorless camera not live up to the hype? With tax refunds rolling out as we speak, get a refund for your old camera equipment too. Here's why you should sell your old camera gear.

Pentax K1000 Is that Pentax K1000 35mm film camera gathering dust after that darkroom class you took in college?

Clean Out the Old Camera Gear

Since it's the season for spring cleaning, start with your kit to free up space in your bag. If you can gauge the ballpark aperture needed from just your experience with lighting, get rid of that light meter. If you’ve recently bought a newer version of that 50mm lens with image stabilization and your old 50mm is collecting dust, sell it to give it new life in the hands of another photographer. Your old film and digital camera bodies are still likely worth something today. Dust it off and save them from a landfill. Turn your old gear into a winning combination of cleaning out your camera bag and getting extra cash in your pocket.

Get Cash To Put Towards Upgrading Your Camera Gear

Renting equipment can be an efficient method to try out gear. However, after a while, renting that same Sigma art lens you’ve been lusting after gets old. Why not cash-in some of your old camera equipment and put it towards owning that lens? Similar to renting a house versus buying one, it’ll be more cost effective in the end -- and you’ll get to keep the product in return. What better way to get cash for the new gear than to sell your old gear? No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win situation. You get cash to put towards purchasing other lenses, accessories or the newest model of your favorite camera. An even better deal is if you put the money towards pre-owned camera gear for a significant boost in savings. 

Sell Your Camera Gear Give the gift of captured memories to the next generation of photo lovers.

Photo Karma is Good Karma

Lastly, think about the photography community. Many photographers started off with an entry-level DSLR or a vintage film camera found at a pawn shop or that were passed down from grandparents. Even though your entry-level DSLR isn’t enough for you anymore, doesn’t mean it won’t work out for someone else. If you shoot with a crop-sensor camera and are looking to make the jump to a full-frame camera, selling the crop-sensor camera can at least get you in the door to buying the full-frame. At the same time, you’ve provided a well-loved piece of camera equipment for a budding photographer or enthusiast to enjoy. Give someone else a chance to capture those amazing moments in life with your old Nikon D300 DSLR camera or your old Canon AE-1 35mm film camera.

Where To Sell Your Camera Gear

Trying to sell equipment on eBay or Craigslist can be scary and even dangerous at times. There’s no guarantee your gear will sell, fetch a good price for the value or that the item is going to good hands who will love it as you did. Selling with KEH can solve all of these problems.

Don’t toss out your perfectly usable camera bodies and lenses. Send them to us and we’ll give you cash in return. Get an online quote instantly and ship your items to us, free of charge. Once we receive them, our team of expert technicians inspects the condition of your gear. As long as your camera gear matches the condition you gave us in your quote, your payment will be processed within 24-hours. You can even receive your payment via PayPal if you like. You’re just 4 steps away from turning your old camera equipment into cash today.